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Our History

Couples & Money was founded by Muriithi Wanjau and Carol Wanjau. Recognising the critical role that financial literacy plays in building strong and thriving relationships, they set out to create a course that would empower couples to tackle their financial goals collaboratively and harmoniously. Drawing on their own personal experiences and expertise in finance, they developed an innovative curriculum that combines practical strategies with relationship-building techniques.

What We Do

At Couples & Money, our mission is to equip couples with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve financial success while fostering a deeper connection with their partners. We believe that by addressing financial matters together, couples can strengthen their trust, improve communication, and work towards shared goals.

Through our course, we provide couples with a comprehensive framework that covers a wide range of financial topics, including budgeting, debt management, saving and investing, and long-term financial planning.

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Your Tutors

Muriithi Wanjau
Carol Wanjau

Muriithi Wanjau is a bestselling author (one of his books has sold over 200,000 copies in 6 continents). He is also a motivational speaker and the lead visionary of Mavuno Church, a fast growing movement of churches based in Nairobi, Kenya with a presence in 10 different nations. Carol Wanjau is a trained marriage and family therapist and also a successful author – several of her courses are used by couples and families internationally. Together they are cofounders and directors of several investment companies.With over 40 years of coaching, teaching, speaking and counselling between them, their passion is seeing leaders and families lives being transformed as they discover their God-given purpose and destiny.